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The heroine in "AI Girl" has her own thoughts and can also act on her own. Players will live with a girl on an uninhabited island. AI girls will also be happy and angry depending on how the players and characters interact. Sadness and other different emotions.



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Mega: R2 - v1.0.3

AI Girl - Haru's Harem

Mshare: R2 - v1.0.3

AI Girl -  Haru's Harem

Torrent: R2.1 - v1.0.3

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R2.1 - v1.0.3

Mega - Mshare

R2.2 - v1.0.4

Mega - Mshare

R2.3 - v1.0.5

Mega - Mshare

R3 - v1.0.6

Mega - Mshare

R3.1 - v1.0.6

Mega - Mshare

R3.1.1 - v1.0.6

Mega - Mshare

300+ girls and 30+ housing from Japanese player - Haru's Collection


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